Local government roles

RSAGIM highlighted road safety policies, programs and projects of its four member local governments, Melbourne, Port Phillip, Stonnington and Yarra, and the role local governments play in road user safety.

For example:

The City of Melbourne‘s Road Safety Strategy adopted in July 2013 which aims to ‘create …an environment where pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists are welcomed and supported through world leading road safety practices’.

The City of Port Phillip has a long history of pedestrian centred interventions such as the Coventry/Cecil St roundabout at the South Melbourne Market.

The City of Stonnington makes a significant investment in road safety through a range of road safety measures – large and small – which demonstrate that serious injury cannot be addressed by a single ‘silver bullet’ but by an aggregation of initiatives.

Over 90% of the City of Yarra‘s local roads are covered by 40 kp/h speed limits in recognition of the well established risk to pedestrians and cyclists of higher vehicle speeds.