Bicycle-Car Dooring Campaign

Stage 2

RSAGIM’s priority is to reduce the incidence and severity of ‘car dooring’ incidents in Inner Melbourne. The Door Knock campaign aims to raise awareness among both cyclists and motorists of the risks of cyclists colliding with parked car doors, and of altering behaviours of both groups to reduce the risk of car dooring.

In 2015 the RSAGIM in partnership with Victoria Police and Vicroads (through the Victorian Community Road Safety Partnership Program) developed visual messaging displays that were located in St Kilda Road to communicate awareness of the issue of cyclists being car-doored.

After the two week long campaign the project was formally evaluated.

Download the St Kilda Rd Dooring Evaluation (Issue-1) report

Stage 1

In 2010, cyclist James Cross died after falling into the path of a truck while swerving to avoid a driver opening her car door.

The Coroner, investigating his ‘entirely preventable death’, recommended that VicRoads develop a communication campaign to educate motorists about the need to check before opening their car door. VicRoads produced a sticker pack to remind car drivers and passengers of the need to look for bikes when opening car doors.

RSAGIM has evaluated the uptake and efficacy of the stickers in influencing driver and passenger behaviour as a countermeasure aimed at reducing car dooring incidents.

Download the Final Report car dooring Sticker campaign